A few weeks ago was the prestigious Feast of Praise at Redeemer’s University. It is a yearly event organized by the student choir. It features music, drama and dance presentations by skilled students.

Sadly, during one of such presentations, an unfortunate mishap happened. One of the students, as shown in the video below, was pictured trying to make a backflip from the gallery which was about 18 feet higher than the ground.

He made the flight while the others danced and landed on the floor with his head. His co-dancers did not notice this till he tried to stand and fell flat. It was then the crowd went wild while the University Vice-Chancellor was seen looking absolutely shocked. He was rushed outside to ascertain his state of health. Amazingly he was stabilized and still finally participated in dance presentation.

It was later discovered that he had a broken rib as he was taken for medical check-up afterward. We are grateful his life wasn’t lost.

See The Video Below!



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