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Different Types Of Female Reaction To Engagement Proposal! LOL

Today we bring you different female reactions to engagement Proposal by their man. Enjoy and share!

1.  The one that starts crying! You’ll think all the tears our forefathers couldn’t cry is coming out from her.

Engagement proposal


2. The one that starts speaking in tongues. “Rebshuku Shaku Shaku balisto…O lord may this not pass me by ever again”

Engagement Proposal


3. The one that starts accusing everybody around them. “Oh my God you knew about this and couldn’t tell me.” “What! You too !”

Engagement Proposal4. The ones that start speaking gibberish because the shock has swallowed their words. “Wha-..ah…”

Engagement Proposal

5. The ones that show no reaction, act coded because the Juju their Babalowo gave them finally worked.

Engagement Proposal6. The ones that start thinking about the wedding night and how he will destroy her in bed as they have been celibate for 8 years.

Engagement Proposal7. The ones that start thinking about how she will explain that she can’t cook because it was Iya Basira’s food she had been ordering for him for 4 years.

Engagements Proposal

8. The ones that are dazed as they wish for the building to collapse cause their real boyfriend is lounging in America and they don’t want to disgrace this one.

Engagement Proposal

9.The ones that say No and walk away making the boyfriend realize that the girl he made to commit 10 abortion 5 years ago really meant her threats.

Engagement Proposal

Which one do you think you are? Don’t be shy! Also, make sure you share! Spread the fun!

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