Name: Deji

School: University Of Ilorin


I beg to agree that educational system in today’s output have been beleaguered by this awful remark called *Sex for marks*.
*Sex for marks* as said above, has eaten deep into the beguiling delivery of the educational system and has left it to be raggy when it comes studentship delivery.
This rising epidemic which has found it’s way into institutions has lay an abysmal demeanor to the likes of universities, polytechnics, high schools etc.
Who is to be blame for this malignant act? The student or the lecturer?
There are 3 factors to be considered in striking out a painstaking analyses.
A institution is a place where knowledge is imparted at the highest level to put the student for future exploits.
*Dress Delivery*
*Erotic Desires on the part of the lecturers*
These are the major factors underlying the existence of *Sex for marks*
We can’t leave out the fact dress delivery is one of the major factors which has prompt the existence of *Sex for marks*. A saying goes thus ‘You get addressed the way you dress’. This is quite true because a lecturer who sees you as being disorganised in the countenance of your delivery tends to put one or two things in putting you to the sword by demanding for sex if you came low in his dealings.
On the other hand, we can’t leave out the fact that some students are forced into undergoing things against their own wishes by this atrocious and obnoxious lecturers. A lecturer may promise a female student that he will upgrade her marks handsomely if she can succumb to his wills and the student having no choice gets urged into succumbing.
Some female students are responsible for this plague of *Sex for marks* as far as educational system is concerned. They go as far as looking for favours which they never endeavoured to work from lecturers and this , some lecturers take to their advantage.
Another factor to be considered is the diminishing demeanor of the institutionalised institutions. Lecturers have told demigods because of the fact students have no choice than to sail thru them before getting colossal desires.
There was a case of a student who got failed repeatedly for five years by a lecturer because he didn’t put on his laboratory wear on one of their laborious exploits. He happened to be a biologist. Should we say educational is for fun for the lecturers and backache for students? This shouldn’t be in the long run.
Failing a student because he didn’t wear his laboratory wear in his 100level does not amount to you failing him for 5 consecutive years.
In conclusion, *Sex for marks* is an epidemic that needs to be seen into before it becomes a condition for intellectual capability which I believe it won’t.



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