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How To Deal With A Spouse That Is Never Early


There’s nothing more annoying than dealing with a spouse that is never early. You dress up quickly excited to attend that next function or event but end up going late because your spouse just can’t seem to be early. These effective tips below will help you to learn how to deal with a spouse that is never early.

1. Be their style guide: Help them decide what they are wearing the night before and work with them on getting it ready as you do yours. One of the major reasons why people arrive late for a function is because they never decide what they want to wear till the very day. This process fo searching, ironing and possibly cleaning is a major time waster. if they can achieve this the day before all they need to do at the time of the event is to dress up.

2. Tell them you want to go out to pick something about one hour before the event starts: Doing this makes them work harder to dress up early and if they still end being really late for the time you gave them, you can tell them you wanted to get something for them but their lateness made them miss it. This will stir up a feeling of remorse in them and will help them to work harder next time.

3. Leave them behind sometimes: Sometimes chronic latecomers need some rash actions to enable them to work harder to be early. If you leave them once or twice and they have to go through the hurdle of coming themselves they will work harder to being early.

4. Learn the spirit of patience: In learning how to deal with a spouse that is never early, you have to keep in mind that you both are different. Understand that sometimes lateness is a character flaw and they just can’t help it. Work hard in helping them but due to your genuine love, you have to learn to be patient and overlook the annoyance that comes with it. Let them know the effect of it in your life in a kind way and work with them to improve on it.



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