First of all, what is “Davidomania”? It is a term I give to the intense fan frenzy directed towards Nigerian artiste, Davido. It is no secret that most students, especially the females, at Adeleke University are intense fans of Davido. But what is it that turns these students into frenzied fans with facial expressions that look more like they’d seen a ghost and with lots of tears and screaming. Is it his music or his person?

Davido visited Adeleke University last semester. Right from the school’s main gate, impatient fans nearly overwhelmed Davido’s entourage. Girls screaming, jumping and fainting. I’d never seen anything like it. These girls chased him down to the female residence hall; bodyguard escorts were definitely required. They were joined by other diehard female fans, some of which ran out of their hostel with only their underwear; something improper for students attending a faith-based institution. They all yelling things like “I love you Davido”, “marry me, Davido” and so on. If you saw these girls you would think they are nuts.  It seemed like these behaviours were a protest against the sexual repressiveness, the double standard of female culture not just at Adeleke university but the whole of Nigeria.

This fan frenzy did not start and end with Davido’s appearance at our institution. If you visit Adeleke University and listen to some of the conversations of the girls at the institution you would notice that Davido is a frequent topic of discussion. Many girls have turned him into this ideal alpha male. They talk about marrying him or someone like him. They are devout followers of him. Hardly would you find any girl without Davido’s music or pictures in her gadgets. To them, Davido can say or do no harm. One thing I can tell you is that he is highly influential in our institution and this is not owing to the fact that his father is the owner of the university.



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