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Davido buys New Mercedes Benz for Best Friend Lati

Davido buys New Mercedes Benz for Best Friend Lati

Nigerian superstar singer, Davido who is currently buying cars for all his friends as a token of appreciation for their support has gifted a brand new Mercedes Benz to his closest friend and Personal Assistant, Lati.

He shared a video of the new car being offloaded in Nigeria and wrote;

Uve been looking after me since I was 13 !!! Your probably the only one that I know would do the same if we switched positions !! LOVE YOU MY BROTHER ! MY BACK BONE!! ENJOY THIS SMALL GIFT! @lt_ddon …… NAH ME PICK LATI CALL LAS LAS 🤗😫

Lati was equally effusive in his thank you message, praising Davido’s good nature repeatedly;

I have known you since you were 10years old , that was when I lost both my parents . You are always there for me like a brother and you have never turned your back against me, I know God would continue to bless you and your family . I pray for everyone that your “destiny helper would look for you even tho they are far from you , God would bring them close to you” DAVID ADELEKE aka DAVIDO is an ANGEL and a KING not just an artist. I pray people like this live long in good heath and prosperity. and I Thank GOD for your INCOMING blessing that the world would soon know about.
Luh you bro @davidoofficial

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