Some people say there’s nothing wrong with it. Others think it’s a terrible idea. Well, here are some things to consider:

What are your motives?

There are times when we have mixed feelings and make decisions with a foggy vision. Be sure you aren’t being influenced by peer groups or cliques.

Make your research about him or her.

Discreetly of course. Lol. He or she might already be in a serious relationship. It’ll be disastrous to get heartbroken in your first year. Just when you need to build a solid foundation and focus the most.

Can you really handle it?

Emotionally- make sure the two of you have a decent level of maturity and understanding.

Physically-relationships can take a toll on you physically too because you’ll have to deal with the perks of a relationship and the stressful phase called 100 level.

Educationally- can you balance a relationship with all it’s perks and your studies.

Be realistic.

Does the relationship have future prospects? Are you in the relationship for the right reason or just to boast that your boyfriend or girlfriend is a final year student to look cool.

Can you handle his or her absence after grad?

After graduation, tension may arise as result of insecurity and uncertainty on what the future holds for both of you. The freshman may begin to notice members of the opposite sex more. Even potential partners that you may not have noticed or acknowledged while you were clinging to each other will surface. The two of you may begin to feel anxious about the transition.

Dear Fresher, take your time. Don’t get exclusive too soon. You still have a lot ahead of you, and there are amazing people out there.

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