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Should You Date Your friend’s Ex?


Should You Date Your friend’s ex? A lot of people have very distinctive views about this question. It is a topic that sparks up very heated arguments among people and they tend to have a very strong stance on it. Today I will be examining the pros and cons of dating your friend’s ex. After we are done let me know what you think.

Dating your friend’s ex-depends solely on your level of closeness with the friend involved and yourself. Dating a not so close friends ex shouldn’t be wrong as long as you are not the reason for the break-up and the relationship ended in a manner that showed no promises of redemption.

It is also fine if you don’t start dating the person almost immediately. If the two parties separated for several months or years and you both find each other I see nothing wrong with it. It is all in your mind.

The problem starts when you and the friend are very close. it is even worse if you were the listening ear to all their relationship issues. Even worse if your friend was hurt by this person. Such situations are just very wrong and would not be fair to the friend. If you caused the break-up disaster. If you start dating the person almost immediately even worse. If your friend hasn’t┬ámoved on then I’m sorry but it is really wrong.

Dating your friend’s ex-works only if both parties have moved on, you weren’t close or involved in the relationship and if the relationship didn’t end badly.

What do you think of this? Should You date your friend’s ex? Share your thoughts below.



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