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Dangers Of Sleeping In Your Bra


A lot of women due go very busy lifestyles find it difficult to take off their bras before they sleep. Some even do it on purpose due to the age old myth that wearing Bras to sleep making breasts perkier. However studies have shown that this doesn’t have any positive effective on the breast but perhaps highly negative effects. Here are four possible health hazards that occur when you sleep with a tight fighting bra.

1. Circulation construction: Wearing a tight fitted bra to sleep causes the muscles in the area to constrict and this causes obstruction blood flow to the arms and breasts.

2. Skin Irritation And Infection: Not taking off your bra at bed time leaves little time for for breasts to breathe. This consistent action causes skin irritation and the development of skin problems in the covered up areas.

3. Darkening of the skin: Wearing a tight fitted bra to sleep causes in the long run causes darkening of the skin which is consistently covered. This is called hyperpigmentation and can be very unsightly.

4. Build Up Of Fungus: The breast and bra environment is very prone to the build up of fungus. Reducing how often to wear a bra especially to bed night help to greatly prevent this.



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