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6 Reasons Students Should Never Skip Sleep


As students, it is very common for you to skip sleep for various reasons. Some do it for fun to watch movies and gist with friends while others do it due to the desire to read and catch up on tests and examinations. Lack of sleep has been linked to a lot of problems which have very critical effects on you as a student. Some of these have been itemized below.

The Dangers of skipping sleep to your student life

    1. Lack of sleep affects your ability to comprehend what you are taught: A tired body is a tired mind and being sleep deprived literary affects the assimilation process in school. It is established knowledge that having an understanding of your notes before reading them aids the process.
    2. Lack of sleep causes irritability and crankiness: When a student is sleep deprived he or she will act in certain ways that come off as annoying to people around him. You will be easily angered and might not be objective in your dealing with issues.
    3. Lack of sleep affects your reading as well: You can’t understand what you are taught in class well enough, neither can you read your notes with a sleepy eye. It is the same effect as that of class participation.
    4. Lack of sleep causes depression: In some people, it switches from crankiness to a depressive behaviour. It gives you the illusion that you are sad and depression is a major enemy of academic life.
    5. It weakens your immune system: Sleeping is one of the activities that recharge the body and ensures a well working immune system. When sleep deprived the body is prone to illnesses and diseases. As a student, you don’t want to fall sick at the wrong time. It can affect your tests and examinations.
    6. It affects your performance during examinations: There are several cases of students sleeping off during examinations unknowingly. On the less extreme side, it also affects your ability to comprehend and answer questions. You need to have a well-rested mind to give your best at your exams.

And that is it. The 6 dangers of skipping sleep to your student life. What do you think about this?











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