Name: Damaris Okwuazu

School: University of Ilorin


“This issue is currently a big issue in most private and federal universities in Nigeria. It is also usually common in schools where students need to have direct contact with lecturers during their course or courses that lecturers grade you based on your verbal and not written presentations.
But who really is to be blamed? Is it the female student who God has endowed with a pretty face, a pretty height, nice curves and beautiful skin or the lecturer(s) who cannot curb their carnal desires or appreciate beauty only by looking and not touching it?
Is it really the student who is seducing the lecturer?
Some people say that female students prefer avoiding all form of school work and prefer later coming to settle the with lecturers with sex to get good grades but is that always the case? Do you know how many respectable female students who have dropped out of the University halfway through it because they are not willing to compromise their integrity to any lecturer?
A very beautiful friend of mine had to leave a university before coming  Unilorin and also left it again to go to Kwasu where she presently is simply because of this same ‘sex or marks’ issue.
Another student in her final year also didn’t graduate because the lecturer who was to sign and approve her project work needed her on his bed before he could do such which she couldn’t agree to.
Unfortunately, nobody could intercede for her as he was a reputable official in her faculty. This is the same school that has a very unnecessarily strict dress code and some department including mine do not allow the wearing of trousers so the issue of not dressing well or improper dressing is ruled out.
This is issue a big issue that is also an extemporaneous violation of the female human right. To solve this problem, there should be a impartial federal body that should have it’s branch in every school to where students can go to report any of such cases and there should be severe punishment for those lecturers found guilty, this will create fear and serve as a deterrent to all lecturers who do not know the code of conduct that they should be upholding.

Lecturers should stop all these questionable acts and should be impartial in awarding of marks. They should view their students as daughters and sons, if there’s any lecturer reading this, I appeal to you to think of how it feels if your very own daughter comes back home after 4 years because of a lecturer who wants to take advantage of her. If you know of any fellow lecturer who does such why not caution such lecturer or take it up to make sure that this barbaric acts stop in Nigeria and so that our daughters, sisters and even wives can school in peace and come out to join in developing the human capital in Nigeria.”

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