Even though he grew up in Nigeria, Sobajo Ogunfolabo Adedamola, was hooked on both American and Nigerian hip-hop. He became adept at remembering the lyrics of his favourite rappers such as American rapper, 50 Cent, and Nigerian rapper, Mode 9.

Rapper FBI

Soon he started making up his own rhymes and bars on the spot. He would spit rhymes for his college mates and won rap battles against fellow aspiring rappers attending Adeleke University. He made a decision to himself a few years ago that he would become a professional Rapper and adopted the name “FBI” (yes, he loves Crime & Detective shows).  

Since then he has been pursuing opportunities that would lead to the eventual accomplishment of this goal. He has avidly studied the sound history of Nigeria’s Hip-hop and made another decision that he would shape the sound of Nigerian Rap starting this year, 2018. He talks about bringing this new sound to the world. Popular at Adeleke University, his fellow students (who are some of his fans) have posted his songs all over social platforms. So far he has released 5 songs.

Rapper FBI

“Shey you get” is a song he believes only people who are “real” will understand i.e “get”. His lyrics in this song touch on his lifestyle and his street sense. On the track “NoMa” he touches on his Christian faith, philosophical questions and cautions against living a fake life. Another track called “original Me” has him featuring fellow artist, 4cheezy. On it, both artists take turns “rap-singing” about their current status in the Rap game. The track,”tuale” has him rapping about street life and his respect on the streets. Finally on the Club Banger, “Login”, He makes requests from various group of people he is interested in.

After listening to these songs, it cannot be denied that FBI is a talented artist. He is much needed in the music scene. His music should be promoted by all lovers of Nigerian hip-hop. FBI is all about being “real” and you will get that message from all his current songs. This rising artist must not be ignored!

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