Marketing is a very essential part of running a business, and the more ideas you get to market your business the better it gets and the more the level of your sales. The problem, however, is when you think of these ideas, you tend to have ideas but when it comes to the implementation, you find it hard to get a definite one.

This article will help you with that, the following are definite strategies you can use in a Nigeria market to drive in more sales

Create A Holiday Promotion

There are so many local holidays and celebrations that you can utilize all around the year, Christmas, Eid celebration, independence celebration, Valentine celebration, end of the year and so many other celebrations. You just have to tailor your marketing strategy towards that celebration. Start thinking up different holidays and celebrations that you can make use of.

Send Out Free Products

Nigerians react a lot to free stuff and deals, therefore as a business owner, you have to be ready to give out free samples of your product so that people can have a feel of what you are offering them and possibly buy more. you can also add this to the deals and promotions you want to roll out during celebrations and holidays.

Interview Customers

Find time to discuss with your customers, they are the ones consuming your product, therefore make sure you give them the opportunity to say their mind about your products and customer service. This will go a long way in the formulation of your marketing strategies.

Let people See More Of You Online

There are a lot of social media websites all around, you can’t be on all of them but you can be on one more. choose the ones that you want to be active on and make sure you build your brand in a very unique way that will bring more customers to you. Let your brand online provoke a question, desire and hunger to consume your product. This can only be achieved through creative designs, storytelling and actual interaction with people online.

Do How To Videos

Share a little bit of knowledge every now and then on the social media, let people gain from you, this communicates the idea that you actually know what you are doing. Therefore, make sure you make use of this opportunity. Write, do a podcast or record how-to videos.


Do not forget that the creation of strategy is progressive and can always be improved on depending on the market and the prevalent situations.



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