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Crazy Things That Happen In Female Hostels


Guys, are you curious to know what happens behind closed doors in female hostels? Have you been wondering without end as to what girls do? Then, you’re in luck as this article will show you what goes on behind the scenes in the abode of your favorite slay queens.

The battle for underwear

Yes, you are reading right. A lot of females have to guard their underwear judiciously because there are girls scorching around looking for what to steal. And if you’re not careful, by the end of the semester you’ll be wearing your clothes without anything underneath.

Higher level Students beating and disgracing lower levels because of boys or theft

Yes, those 400 level and 300 level girls you’re crushing on are actually real life bullies. It seems to be a habit that they developed in secondary school but have yet carried it into the university. They gang up to beat these students and threaten them with reporting them to the management.

Late Night Family meetings on boys in the middle of the night

This is the most consistent. Girls will gather in the middle of the night from 12 am to 4 pm analyzing different boys. They chatter, shout, insult each other and makeup afterward. Some do this every day or set a specific time in the week that it should be done and they follow it as a team with dedication.

Female Hostels

The Prettiest Slay Queens thrive in dirty environments

Those girls you trip for most likely might fall into this category. They can’t keep their environment tidy but yet go all around showcasing their well-packaged beauty. Girls around make jests of them when we see them as we remember their wonderful rooms.

Female Hostels

Group begging for provisions

Group of girls who have used all their money as a team, pick up what is left of their dignity and go from room to room to ask for donations. Most popular begging items are Indomie and egg. As they are the easiest and quickest to let go of.

Female Hostels

Girls without water steal from others and bath in the night to avoid being caught

The scarcity of water brings out the worst in females while others are just plain lazy and steal that of others. Imagine actually sleeping with one eye open because someone can jump through a window to bathe with your water.

Female Hostel

Stealing Your Clothes and Wearing It To See You

The craziest thing about this is, girls will steal your clothes and be confident enough to wear to where you are. This as a result of their confidence in their lying ability and their friends who will defend them blindly.

Female Hostel

Got any more crazy things that happen in female hostels to share? Do share them with the community in the comments section below.





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