How to Connect Xender on PC For Sharing Files

Xender as an application that lets you transfer files from one Android phone to another through the use of Wi-Fi. Also have the feature of sending files between your Computer and your Android smartphone – How to Connect Xender on PC For Sharing Files

There are many apps to transfer files between your Android phone and PC/Laptop. Here in this post we will let see how to connect your Xender to your computer with ease

How to Connect Xender on PC For Sharing Files

1. Turn On your PC wireless
2. Open Xender App on your smartphone
3. Tap Receive:

4. Now select Connect to PC:

5. Turn On the Hot spot:

6. Connect your computer to the discovered wireless network: After you have appropriately applied the above steps, your will surely detect a wireless network on your computer. Check it and connect to the network. E.g Xender_AP7b5a

7. Now on your PC open a browser, preferably Firefox or chrome and enter the web address you can see on your Xender App. And HIT the Enter Key on your keyboard.

After doing that you will see a pop-up message on your phone prompting you to accept the process.
Now your android smartphone should now be synchronizing with your computer.




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