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Confirm Methods of Effectively Managing Your Mobile Data on Android


Most customers purchase more cell phone data than they actually need; however, if you find yourself worrying about going over your data limit, we’ve got some tips to help you get your data usage down.

Check your Wi-Fi settings
Visit your device settings and make adjustments to ensure that you automatically connect to Wi-Fi wherever it is available. Whether at home, work, or out and about, wherever Wi-Fi is available, connecting to it, instead of your cellular data not only preserves your battery, but also your available data.

Turn off background app refresh

Many cell phone/tablet users are unaware that most apps automatically refresh in the background functions of your phone. Background app refresh will automatically update your apps as new notifications come through, and often use a lot of data while doing so.

Check your device settings and on the Background app refresh tab, select the specific apps you need updated often, and turn off notifications for games, music, and other less imperative apps.

Edit Automatic update Settings
Most devices and apps encourage you to perform automatic updates for new features or to remove glitches from existing software. While this does remove the hassle in remembering to perform those updates, you have an opportunity to preserve some data by performing updates manually.

Depending on how many apps you have and what type of device, a good bit of data could be being used to update them while you are not connected to Wi-Fi. Best practice is to set a reminder in your phone before you normally go to sleep. Then before you go to sleep, while you are home, connected to Wi-Fi, have all of your updates run. You and your phone get an opportunity to rejuvenate!



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