The rainy season is slowly creeping in and shivering will soon become the order of the day. This entails the need for great measures to stay warm as possible. However, clothing are not the only best ways to stay warm. They basically help for the outer body.

Significantly, the inner body also needs warmth, therefore here are some basic dishes that can help with that.


Yam Pepper Soup- Perfect food for the cold weather, leaves you warm and refreshed. It’s main ingredient is Yam and any other ad-ups. It is said to be a South-south dish but safe to say eaten nationwide.

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Chicken Pepper Soup- This is another bud tasty, savoury, inviting dish with its main ingredient to be Chicken and all the spices inclusive.


Beans Pottage ( Red beans)- This, however is not everyone’s favourite food. Neither is it an obvious cold weather run to dish. But beans in palm oil with plantain preferably is good at keeping one warm.

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Yam Pottage  (Asaro)- Not a bad way to start dealing with the cold. Very easy to prepare and quite nutritional when you add the veggie.

Image result for yam pottageImage result for yam pottage Jollof Rice- A hot plate of Nigerian jollof is slated one of the best ways to keep the body warm. Not only, also to satisfy the hungry taste buds.

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