One of the most popular Instant Photo-Messaging app, Snapchat is about to add a “Clear Chat” feature that will allow users to delete messages from personal and group chat-threads, even after the messages have been viewed.

The new feature is gone for making users more comfortable with sending sensitive messages over Snapchat. This could likewise check instances of revenge porn and blackmails where hackers or others threats to uncover harsh discussions and users pictures which TechCrunch wrote about on Monday.

“Hold down on a text, image, video, memory, sticker or audio note in a one-on-one or group chat, you’ll see a ‘delete’ button. Tap it and Snapchat will try to retract the message, though it admits it won’t always work if the recipient lacks an Internet connection or updated version of the app,” the report added.

This feature may boost the app usage after it hit its slowest growth rate ever last quarter because of Snapchat’s globally criticised redesign. Snapchat is working to roll out the “clear chats” feature globally over the next few weeks.



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