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Christmas on a Budget? Top 5 Christmas Holiday Destinations in Nigeria

Christmas is here again with its exciting feeling. Christmas is marked to be a fun-filled period mainly because it’s a long period of festivity, right from Christmas day down to new year day, everyone keeps celebrating. We all know Christmas festival is not complete without leaving your place of abode down to a new place for fun.
If you are wondering where to go this Christmas, then this list is for you!

1. Obudu Mountain Resort: Located in Cross River State, Obudu resort is definitely a great holiday destination for Christmas. If you are thinking of a destination to enjoy a fun-filled Christmas, Obudu Mountain Resort is the perfect place. It is a place for outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of nature. Some fun things to enjoy at Obudu Resort include swimming, hiking, sightseeing and having the best meal in the country.

2. Port Harcourt Tourist Beach: If you desire to visit the south-south, you should make a date with Port Harcourt Tourist beach. This location affords you the opportunity to spend your Christmas in an adventurous way. Port Harcourt tourist beach is built on a beautiful sand beach where you can have fun all day and still long for more. It is not only beautiful, it is also affordable.

3. Lagos Bar Beach: If you are in search of uncensored fun this Christmas, Lagos bar beach is a suitable option for you. The beach is located in Victoria island.The best period to visit this beach is towards the end of December because the Lagos state government organizes a musical fiesta towards this period.

4. Olumo Rock: Up for some adventure? Visit Olumo rock. The tourist attraction center situated at Abeokuta, Ogun state is one of the places where you can rock your Christmas with a different style. A visit to Olumo rock during Christmas is sure to be an adventurous Christmas. You also get a chance to visit the Olumo rock museum and water fountain. You definitely won’t regret taking a trip down to Olumo rock.

5. Yankari Game Reserve: This is a wildlife park situated in Bauchi State. You get to see a lot of amazing things such as harmless wild animals. They are not just harmless but caged for wildlife preservation. A visit to Yankari game reserve is definitely going to create an evergreen memory. It is definitely a great place to take your family, as children do well with wildlife.
What’s more? All these places are very affordable, so you need not bother about breaking into a bank to have fun this Christmas.

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