Name: Chimaobi Chioma

School: Godfrey Okoye University

Department: Banking And Finance.

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In our universities today, things are no longer as they use to be. I used to know of a school were academics was graded strictly by knowledge and skills, not by what is beneath your clothing you have to offer. Nowadays the brilliant ones are not even acknowledged because most of them do not need to go through the stress of sleeping with their lecturers. I strongly believe that the victims have a part to play and by the victim, I mean the student. If students don’t tempt their lecturers, the stories of sex in school will reduce. The mode of dressing now with students is actually not something to write home about especially for the ladies and as the popular saying goes ‘You are addressed as you are dressed’.When lecturers see their students dressed inappropriately they see it as an invite to actually know what’s beneath the clothing. Sometimes, the students are the ones that inculcate the idea of having sex, with the way they approach their lecturers in their offices willing to offer anything they need. Students these days are not ready to settle down and face their books, they seem to forget their reason for being in the school which is leading to so much corruption in the educational world. Well, I hope with the little opportunity I have, this topic has been well discussed on.

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