A good C.V is a very vital part of gaining employment, so is the hobbies you add to your C.V.s, even though a lot of people trivialise the hobbies they add to their C.V., it is very important. It is part of what employers use to choose the right set of people, why not use this to your advantage.

I am going to be breaking down the hobbies to put in your C.V. down into industries;

Marketing And Media Jobs

This industry is evolving by the day and for you to be relevant you have to be competitive with your skills.

The hobbies that you can add to your C.V. for this industry are Video production, photography, blogging, designing and anything IT related.

You also need to add how creative you are or a creative project you have done before that time. The industry needs creativity, that is what you will be paid for.

Management and Business Development Jobs

This industry requires a high level of team spirit, theoretical and practical knowledge. You mostly have to be good at creating strategies that are groundbreaking. Employees in this industry are mainly looking for candidates with tenacity, are able to take calculated risks and can effectively lead a team.

Therefore try to put hobbies like Team sport and related stuff, things that you are actually sure of and presently doing.

Tech Industry

The IT industry or Tech Industry requires a high level of analytical problem solving and quick learning abilities. Therefore, you need to put hobbies like playing Chess, Sudoku or video games, all this resonates with the industry. Do not just write these hobbies without actually knowing about it, it can be disastrous.

Construction and Engineering Jobs

This industry requires a technical mind, focus and project management skills, therefore if you want to really select the right hobbies in this industry, you have to look into hobbies that help with patience, coordination, and attention to details.

Therefore you can try hobbies like playing instruments, model making, Lego and related activities.

HR and Customer Service Jobs

This industry thrives on one major thing and that is interpersonal relationships. Therefore if you are to practice any type of hobby, it is definitely what will enhance your relationship skills.

Therefore you can add hobbies like, performing art, drama, improvisation, community group development.

In conclusion, all these hobbies listed here are there for you to start building on, do not just put it in your CV if you have not been practising it, interviewers can actually ask about your experiences with some. Stick with the ones you know and build on others until it also becomes your hobby.

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