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“Cee-C Probably Has A Crush on Me” – BBnaija Host Ebuka


A lot of controversies surrounded BBnaija Host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and controversial housemate Cee-C. This was due to the numerous remarks made by Cee-C about meeting and hanging out with Ebuka.

Also, during her infamous backlash with co-finalist Tobi, she continuously kept comparing him to BBnaija Host Ebuka and made several remarks like “Ebuka is a real Man”. This raised a lot of questions and numerous people wondered how she knew he was a man if she had nothing to do with him previously.

She had also disrespected him early in the show because of a question he asked her which she wasn’t too happy with. People felt no other housemate had the audacity to disrespect him and for her to do so, then she definitely has had something to do with him.

BBnaija Host Ebuka in a lengthy interview with Toolz of Beat FM cleared the air on the whole issue. He stated that the first time he can remember meeting her was on stage the first day and if she had met him before, it was probably at an event. He states that he has gone for a thousand events and it is impossible for him to remember everyone he has met.

He said he found it surprising that she talked about him a lot and he at first stated that maybe it was because she saw him as her role model. After a back and forth he also stated that she probably might have a crush on him and there is really nothing wrong with it.

He blatantly declared that all the controversies were “stupid rumours” and he is shocked that people can actually believe such things. He also states that he is only an employee and has no stake in choosing housemates or anything of the sort and that people should calm down with the rumours.

Do you think Cee-C has a crush on him? From the look of things, I think so. Share your thoughts below.



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