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Causes Of Dark Knuckles And How To Lighten Them


Darks knuckles are very unsightly and can be very embarrassing. You get judgemental sneers every time you flaunt your fingers. Some even go as far as asking if you are bleaching. This article explores other causes of dark knuckles and how to treat them.

Causes Of Dark Knuckles

  1. Bleaching creams: The areas affected by dark knuckles are heavily packed with cells that produced melanin as a result bleaching creams cannot have a strong effect on these areas.
  2. Hereditary: Some people are naturally born with dark knuckles. Their cells are naturally predisposed to producing a lot of melanin in their knuckle areas.
  3. Use of medications: Some medications like minocycline cause dark knuckles as well due to their biological activities ion the body.
  4. Exposure to sun: Heavy exposure to the sun also causes these areas which are already naturally predisposed to dark knuckles to get darker.

How to lighten dark knuckles
1. Honey and lemon mixture: Mix equal parts of honey and lemon into a bowl and rub consistently on the affected areas.

2.Sugar, honey, lemon and coconut oil scrub: Mix equal parts of sugar, honey, lemon and coconut oil into a bowl and rub on the affected areas.

3. Potato paste: Mix mashed potatoes with lemon, honey and almond oil and rub on the affected areas daily.

4. Milk and rice flour: Mix equal parts of milk and rice flour and make into a paste. Rub all over your body at least twice a week.

Above all, ensure that you do not let the jests of people get to you. embrace your knuckles while you work at it. Remember, no one can make you feel bad without your permission.



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