There have been lots of debates concerning the healthiness of consuming catfish regularly. Nigerians are heavy consumers of the fish as we eat it in diverse mediums. Some enjoy it in pepper soup or red stew while others consume it roasted as a whole with potato chips.

Some health practitioners have debunked claims that it is bad, while others have come out to advice people to stare clear of it.

Today on health and lifestyle, we will be examining a popular analysis of your favourite fish. We will be exploring if Catfish is actually very dangerous to your health. Keep reading.


In an interview with reporters, a medical practitioner at the Federal Medical Center, Jabi Dr. Arikawe Adeolu, commented that excessive consumption of catfish could increase the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases.

He opined that this is as a result of its high Omega H6 content. Omega H6 fatty acids are the leading causes of inflammation in the body. Inflammation has been linked to cardiovascular diseases, diabetics, and some cancers. Which have been labeled to be the leading causes of deaths.


He said Catfish also has some amount of Mercury, which when consumed in large quantities is very hazardous to the body.

He, however, stressed that Catfish isn’t all bad as it has Omega H3 oils which are very good for heart health and great body function. He also adds that catfish is a rich source of protein needed for building muscles. The magnesium and phosphorous content help with biochemical processes.

In conclusion, from his words, the level of the benefits and losses is 4 to 1 with the benefits standing on the lower end of the scale. He, however, stressed that if it is the artificial type reared in a hurry the benefits are much lower.

What do you think about this development? Would you ignore all these findings and continue to consume it? Or Will you stay clear of it to be safe?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s continue the conversation.



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