Friends are a blessing, they help you when you are in need. They motivate you when you are down. They advise you when you are confused and sympathize with you when you are sad. In the same vein, they can also be a curse. Friends have caused premature deaths. They have made quite a number of people to make life-changing mistakes and have become the major source of pain to a large major of people in the world.

As a student, friends can make or mar your academic life and if you are not careful they might have negative imprints on your eventual future. Written below are campus friends you should avoid like a plague.

  1. Parasites: You know them. They always have one problem or the other and you know deep down most of these issues they face are easily preventable. They are the friends that dwindle their money and come and beg you for yours. They always receive help but never give out. They are never there when you need them and you find yourself making excuses for their unruly behaviour.


  1. Always Getting Into Trouble: These ones are so carefree and unruly that it seems like trouble is chasing them about. They don’t know when to stop talking. They don’t know when to not go for something. They just always seem to be walking into the Lion’s Den. Dear one, if you continue at this rate, it won’t be long before you also get into one of the problems with them.


  1. Find talks about future goals and academics boring: You know We call them NFA. Which means ”No Future ambition.” The kind of company you keep greatly affects how you see life. If you move with people that do not embrace serious thoughts before long you will be essentially vain in your thinking.


  1. Emotionally abusive and bossy: These one are gradual and come at you slowly. Before long you will become their errand boy or girl doing things for them that are clearly not convenient. These ones shut you down and never allow you to air your views. They always feel like they have a say in your life and subtly order you on how to live it.


  1. In Competition with you: They tend to never be genuinely happy for you. Anytime you do something brilliant it feels like they have gone to seek the equivalent. You get a new item, they get it too. You get into a relationship, they also do too. You are celebrated rather congratulating you they talk about

These five categories of campus friends should be avoided like a plague. I know you feel the need to make do and endure but trust me, in the long run, you will wish you made the decision to bounce away from them earlier.



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