The poultry industry in Nigeria is a very flourishing one, but most times people tend to overlook the turkey rearing part of the industry. A lot of the turkey meat consumed in Nigeria are mostly imported.

People complain about the imported turkey meats and most of them insist that locally reared turkey meat is so much better, the problem, however, is that there is a limited amount of locally reared turkey meat.

This is where you can come in, are you ready to make money rearing turkey, then follow this guide to the end. Share this now with your friends, and continue reading.

Amount to Start With

You can start with as low as N50,000 naira, yes that low, and the more the money the higher your market share and profit.

How To Start

Get a space to start rearing these beautiful creatures, make sure it is a bordered environment, that is; a place where they can roam about, but not out of reach or where anyone can just pick them up.

Where To Buy Turkey

You do not need a Phd to get a good Turkey, it is actually easy to assess a healthy turkey almost anywhere in a local market or a farm near you. But please disregard any bird with a form of discolouration in the fleshy protuberance on the head and around the neck or a bird with a deformed beak and blisters on its head.

Requirements For rearing

These birds are highly resistant to diseases and harsh weather, therefore you have an advantage with it. The infancy stage of a turkey is 0-4 weeks and they are raised in a free-range setting, that is you allow them to roam around.

You can start with 4 or 5 weeks old turkey when you want to start, to mitigate the adverse effect of some mistakes you can make along the way. These range turkey can be recognised by the red combs protruding from their heads at that stage.

Concepts You Need To Know About Turkey Rearing


They are strong birds, therefore the average normal temperature is always ok for them, but in the middle of the night especially a cold night, they will need heat. You can use a hot filament to create this heat in their cage or room.


You have to vaccinate these birds every 0-10 weeks, therefore make sure you connect with a veterinarian, they will advise you more on what to do

Debeaking and Toe Clipping

You have to monitor their beak and toenail often and make sure you clip it when needed. This is needed to avoid self-inflicted injuries.


The male turkey is known as “toms” while the female is called “hens”, the male is always heavier than the female, therefore the toms are priced more in the market than the hens. You also need to separate the two to achieve a high level of productivity.

Shelter For Turkey Rearing

Turkeys are kept in a low-cost rearing pen called coops, this can be made up of iron or wood and corrugated Zinc Sheets. The height is to be around 2.5 to 3 meters and also make sure you consider rain splash when designing the structure.


Make sure you use a minimum of 10 square meters for around ten birds, overcrowding can be injurious to the birds.

Floor Cover

You can add sawdust or wood shavings to cover the floor, around 2 inches which can be increased over time. This is important to shield the birds from cold and excess dirt and infection. Make sure you rake it regularly to prevent caking.


Turkey eats mostly grains and sometimes greens and vegetables. For you to have a healthy bird make sure you make protein 25 % of their diet and also make sure you have at least 1% calcium in their diet. Do not forget that they also need water, especially in a hot weather.

List Of Major Feeds

Soyabeans, Millet, Rice, Corn, Wheat and Sorghum, you can also add onions,watermelon, egg shell grit and fish. You can also use hybrid feeds but do extra research on it before going ahead to use it.

Selling Turkey

The best age to sell you turkey is around 16 weeks of age and above. At this time the “toms” averagely weigh 7.5kg while the “hens” weigh 5.5kg.

Return On Investment (ROI)

You are expected to get more money from the three-month exercise, depending on the amount you buy the turkey and the amount you can sell it for. And also the bird does not get infected as easily as Chicken, therefore the probability to get more money from this venture is high.


What are you waiting for? Make sure you focus on getting started immediately, do not forget, the more you invest the more your profit is. Make sure you share this with your friends and your entire network, also do not forget to drop a reaction and comment below.



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