Ties are vital parts of a man’s wardrobe, especially for formal wares and functions. The industry for tie making in Nigeria has been expanding recently and as an aspiring business owner, it is one of the industries that are still green for investment.

You are going to learn all the basic steps you need to go through to make this business a success and how to learn to make a tie.

Market Survey

Be sure of the market before you go into it. The fact that the tie making business is booming in Nigeria doesn’t mean it is in your locality, therefore check out how your market is doing before you venture into it at your business location

Choose A Business Location

You can decide on physical and online locations for the sales of your products, this will help you to decide the kind of people you want to sell to.

Be sure of the place of sales and the people you are targeting before you proceed.

Create A Plan

“He who fails to plan, has planned to fail” you have to know what you want to do and how to do it, the plan will consists of your desired location, target audience, volume of production, the amount of money you are ready to invest, your marketing strategy, long-term goals and objectives.

Learn how to make a tie in the video below;

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