According to agricultural statistics, cucumber is the 8th most grown vegetable crops in the world, the vegetable is gaining a lot of relevance in Nigeria especially with the new rise of healthy living and eating of fruits.

A cucumber is a common vegetable that Nigerians now find necessary and useful, this is making the demand for it grow every day. you can join the limited number of suppliers of this vegetable that are making profit.

i am going to be guiding you through the process of planting to harvesting and selling of your product, but before you go on, share this article to your friends and the communities that will find this useful.

Know More About A Cucumber

A cucumber is a vegetable with a round shape which contains 96% of water, it is fortified with vitamin c and b with other great vitamins and minerals.

Cucumber relieves pain, gives energy, keeps the heart healthy, protects ageing, and prevents constipation.


There are three types of cucumber varieties, which are the Slicing Cucumber, Pickling Cucumber, and the Burpless Cucumber.

Now that you know a little about Cucumber, let us talk about How To Get Started.

Get A Good Land

the best land for you cucumber is drained sandy-loam. you are going to fill the soil up to around six inches high.

Cucumbers contain a lot of water, therefore when you want to get a land make sure a lot of water is accessible. depending on rainfall is not an option, sink a borehole or get a good source of water.


After clearing the land, make sure you add the right fertilizer to the soil, you can get to know this by consulting the experts that sel fertilizers.

Like i said earlier, there are different types of cucumber variety, therefore make sure you choose the best one that people will buy from you.

Ask yourself these questions when you want to buy a the seeds.  Is it a local or a Foreign seed? Is it an open or a closed seed? Are the seeds general or hybrid?

The seeds are to be planted in a biodegradable seed pot indoors to prevent the sun from damaging it before it will be moved outdoor.

Make sure you plant these seeds in a moist and cool soil and protect them from excessive sun.

when planting make sure you leave a space of at least 45 cm.


make sure you weed frequently, and ensure that your plantation is always watered to help with the plant’s water content.


You can get up to 10 to 20 fruits from a cucumber plant, and they can be harvested with a scissors leaving a short stub attached.

Harvesting always takes place between 50 to 60 days after planting, they are to be harvested when they are still green, do not wait for it to be yellow, at that stage, it becomes a problem.


you can sell a bag of cucumber for around three thousand naira, even though the number of cucumber per bag varies you will not have to harvest from so many plants before you will fill up a bag.

Keep it in mind that the more plants you have the better your return on investment.

Make sure you get someone that has done this before, when you want to start this.



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