The well being and success of a team depends largely on how efficient and effective the leader of the team is. As a leader of a team in a firm or organisation, you have to know how to effectively drive your team to the goal that you have set out for.

To achieve this most times, we often look to use force and stringent measures when all we have to do is actually not as complex as that; the following will help you drive your team to the peak of their performance without stress;

Positive Psychology and Growth Mindset Combination

Instead of trying to play the blame game each and every time, why not capitalise on the positive part of whatever happens. People try thing and they fail, but what will make them come back to do another thing especially in a team is when they are not blamed for failing, rather they are supported and held by the arm to re-do it.

Standford Professor of Psychology Carol Dweck discovered through her research that children praised for being smart or attractive developed ways to maintain being praised in those ways. However, the ones who were rewarded for the efforts they made and ways they changed their behaviour to achieve the desired result, learn to keep looking for ways to keep changing and adapting.

Therefore, you need to start seeing your team’s effort in a positive way.

Collaborate, Empower, and Give Feedback

Collaboration helps a team’s morale every time especially when it is with the leader of the team, it gives room for more innovations without the normal bureaucracy. As the collaboration is going on, try as much as possible as a leader to empower your team in every way possible, this is going to help them in so many ways that you do not even know.  And make sure you give positive feedbacks, even when the result is bad, look for the good side of the whole effort before pointing out the bad part of it.

Monitor And Set The Language Of The Team

Words and what we say affects us in different ways, therefore, as the leader of a team, make sure you set your team member to only speak the right things and not demeaning and negative talks. Demeaning and negative talks should not be allowed at all cost.

Teach them on the type of positive words that they need to be using and let the example start from you as a leader.

Let’s talk about other strategies that can help a team perform better, don’t forget to drop a reaction below.



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