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Buhari has Managed Our Nigerian Economy better Than GEJ – Ajimobi

Abiola Ajimobi, the current governor of Oyo State has said that Buhari has managed our Nigerian economy better than GEJ, former president Goodluck Jonathan.

“I studied economics and finance…the most important part of all the economic theory is leadership” he says. According to him Buhari has been a great and effective leader because when asked to speak the current president always stresses the importance of integrity. Ajomobi continues by saying that Buhari is the most credible president, Nigeria has ever produced and the man has never for once been involved in the practice of money sharing. On the numerous bashing the president has faced, he made reference to the fact that the Prophet Muhammed and Jesus Christ who were Godsent were equally insulted. He advices Nigerians to appreciate the unique efforts of the president as according to him, Buhari has all our best interests at heart.]]>

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