This past week has been a surreal one for fans across the world especially in Nigeria as Beyonce paid tribute to Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and also featured quotes from the widely respected Nigerian Novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Her performance was highly anticipated as she turned down her headline performance for the same event last year due to her pregnancy. This performance is her first performance since the 2017 Grammys award and the whole world can aptly state that she lived up to all expectations.

She featured A list stars like Jay-Z, Solange and even shocked us further by performing with the destiny childs Kelly rowland and Michelle Williams as a group. She finally shocked us all with a surreal performance when her band began to play Zombie by Fela.

She looked great, dressed up in a queenly attire, exuding grace and all the classy things Beyonce is known for. Her band was dressed yellow and black to further stamp her identity as the queen Bee.

Remember that this was the same event Wizkid claimed Visa issues prevented him from attending. He would be perfroming at the same venue this weekend. Lots of people have wondered what kind of performance he would bring to the table as they believe Beyonce has done all there is by paying homage to Fela and by using quotes from Chimamanda.

Do you think there is immense pressure on Wizkid to deliver an escatic performance? Do you think he can?



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