Today is the last day of year and as we patiently await 11:59pm to say goodbye to 2017, many are already thinking of making changes to some of their characters which they felt might be hindering progress in their lives.
As Nigerians, we have endured a lot of hard times together and in as much as we can blame the government for everything, we are equally responsible for most of the things happening around us.
Below are some of the top resolutions an average Nigerian should make:

  1. Love Others as You do Yourselves: Majority of us are greedy and this has become a major bane to progress. Greediness is what will make a political officer swindle public funds and refuse to provide the people with their basic necessities. It is same greediness that resolves to a bus conductor hiking t-fare when there is obviously no hike in fuel price, and so many other examples like that. Greediness breed hatred and can only be beneficial in the short term. There is a huge difference between being greedy and being ambitious. Please don’t confuse the two and do what is right.
  2. Stop Being Sentimental: The past few years on Social Media have been highly characterized by hate comments especially when there is any political news report. This has ignited hatred among people with tribal differences. We need realized we are the same people bind by same nation and we can only solve our problems together as a united people. It’s high time we put down our political and tribal differences to reason objectively
  3. Stop Being a Hypocrite: If you are the type who is very good at criticizing people, its high time you start taking a good look at what you have achieved while you enjoy your ride of criticism. Even if you are an achiever, don’t just criticize, proffer a possible solution to whatever it is you are criticizing. Remember, no man is perfect.
  4. Stop Procrastinating: If you are the lazy type and always postpone your duties, by now you would have seen the difference between what you ought to have achieved and what you actually achive in 2017. It’s time you give utmost importance to time management and always work i n accordance with set goals
  5. Stop Being the Spectator: If you are the type who could do anything because you like a celebrity and you go about abusing people who attacks him/her or you even attack the celeb rivals like the Wizkid/Davido fans, you have just seen the reality when the two artistes perform together in December. You should stop all those childish act and think about how to make your own money in 2018
  6. Stop Being Wasteful: In as much as everyone complains about economic hardship, some people still waste food even though they may not have in excess. It is a sin to waste food. Eat moderately and stop wasting food.
  7. Stop Being Dirty: If you are the type who adds to the flooding problems in your area by dropping dirt on the road and yet you complain about government not working during rainy season when there is flood, it’s time to stop this act and let the environmental sanitation begins from you. Also ensure you start keeping your environment clean in order to avert various ailment which
  8. Stop Job Hunting and Pick a Career: You cannot continue to remain jobless even if you are a graduate and job hunting. The economic situation is not getting any better and you cant keep relying on people to feed. You need tp pick a career from the basic trade learning around. People with handiwork or trade do not usually go broke.

Do you agree with most of the New year resolutions? Add your own in the comment section below:



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