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Best Marketing Strategies for Your Snacks Business as a Starter


After going through the stress of baking, you need to be sure that your snacks meet the right people at appropriate time, that is why you need to device the best marketing strategy to sell your snacks

Acquiring the skills of catering is not a day’s job. While some might have acquired it by simply learning from relatives or using online resources, others¬† had to pay some money to attend a catering school. However, learning some catering skills is not the issue but your ability to convert whatever you have learnt into money making ventures.

Snacks is one of the most consumed commodities in Nigerian market and the competition is ever increasing. Depending on what you know how to bake (sausages, meat pie, chin-chin, small chops, plantain chips etc), the major challenge is getting it out there in the market. Some snacks are quickly perishable while some could last for a longer period. If you deal with snacks such as meat pie, beef roll, sausages, your aim will be to quickly sell what you have produced while other ones such as chinchin, plantain chips could,still last a week. Irrespective of the kind of snacks you deal in, the motive is to have a high rate of turnover.

Marketing Your Snacks

Displaying your produced snacks in front of your house/shop alone would not get you the desired rate of sales on a daily basis. Snacks is one of the most demanded commodities that is widely consumed on the go. You would need to go an extra length to get some sales at a higher rate of turnover. Below are some of the strategies that are helpful:

  • Leverage The Social Media: If you are a caterer and you deal in preparing stuffs such as small chops, beef rolls etc, it will be helpful to regularly have your works uploaded to your Social media accounts as you don’t know who your next client might be.
  • Approach Fast Foods: Some of the fast food companies procure their snacks externally, if your snacks taste nice, you could be contracted with supply job.
  • Approach Supermarkets:¬† Supermarkets or mini marts are some of the places where snack products such as chin-chin, plantain chips, pop corns get more sales. Approach as much as possible supermarkets to secure a deal to constantly supply them. Meanwhile, you will have to brand and package your products well
  • Approach Event Planners: Partnering event or party planners will get you regular job to supply your snack products in parties or other event

Irrespective of what you sell, have it at the back of your mind that the way you present your product will go a long way in determining its success.

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