What healthy Nigerian food will be ideal for Nigeria breakfast for weight loss? Learn the best Nigeria breakfast low calorie foods.
After waking up every cell in your body needs energy and nutrients required for productive work. If you don’t eat in the morning, the body will begin to use “backup” and to extract it from the muscles

  • Best Nigerian meals for breakfast include
  • Porridge, boiled in water (it may be buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, or barley), natural yogurt and some fruits;
  • Low-fat cottage cheese with a couple spoonfuls of jam or honey;
  • An omelette with mushrooms, herbs and spinach;
  • Several boiled eggs with some fruits; Whole grain toast with jam or natural yoghurt;
  • Smoothie based on natural yoghurt or with berries or fruit, adding some plantains;
  • Boiled chicken with wholegrain bread, with tomato and a leaf of lettuce; Piece of wholegrain bread with low-fat cheese, fresh juice;
  • An omelette with fresh vegetables; Boiled cassava or boiled plantain; Brown rice;
  • Baked beans with wholegrain bread.

The morning run metabolic processes, which during the day will actively burn incoming calories. After good breakfast, you will not feel famine and will be able to avoid eating harmful snacks, thus reducing the amount of calories. Morning meal will give you a charge of vivacity for the whole day, you will be active, positive and healthy.
Healthy Nigerian food useful for weight loss
You need to provide your body with proteins, complex carbohydrates and small amount of fats. Without these nutrients you may forget about proper functioning of the body, especially important are complex carbohydrates, which due to their slow digestion contribute to long feeling of satiety. In the morning you are to supply the body with nutrients, vitamins, dietary fibers. Useful for weight loss Breakfast should not include high-calorie foods and foods that are harmful to your health, such as: sausages and smoked meat, cakes, pastries and other sweats, spicy, too salty and fried food.



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