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Benefits Of Tutoring Your School Mates

The idea of being a tutor can be scary if you think about the time and energy it takes to prepare and actually teach a group of students that are not necessarily interested in the lecture.

It is even worse if this is mandated of you due to your grade points. But do not be sad as being a tutor to your fellow student is actually extremely beneficial to you and can in the long run positively influence your academic standing.

Benefits of tutoring your schoolmates

  1. You get a better understanding of the lecture notes: The honest truth is you cant teach what you don’t understand and as a result, tutoring ensures that you crack the note as hard as you can. Questions from your fellow students challenge you to read harder and the end result is an in-depth understanding of your lecture notes.
  2. You remember the notes faster and easily during tests and examinations: You don’t forget what you teach. The fastest way to master something is to teach it. Your brain registers it faster and during exams, you have people faces and words as guides for recollection.
  3. You are up to date on your notes and as a result, always prepared for tests and exams: Because of the fact that you remember faster and you are mandated to read harder you are almost always 100% prepared for tests and examinations and failure is majorly very unlikely.
  4. You’re on the good books of your lecturers: A good lecturer-student relationship can play a huge¬†role in student success. They see you as a serious student and are willing to help you with an extra explanation of areas you do not understand because they can see your efforts. In some schools you even get bonus points and wavers that non-tutors might not have the opportunity to get.
  5. You are loved by students: Developing a circle of influence in this age is highly beneficial. For personal projects, for running for student government and for future activities. Investing in lives through tutoring reaches father than you think.

I’m sure by now you have realized the importance of tutoring. It is beneficial and even though it can be tasking, these benefits are worth fighting for.

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