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#BBNaija: Meet the Pepper Dem Gang – Season 4 Housemates


#BBNaija: Meet the Pepper Dem Gang - Season 4 Housemates

A grand entrance in a car? There’s really something extra about these Housemates and we can’t wait to find out. In the meantime, let’s meet the Pepper Dem gang.

The Sweet Gang Association

One thing this trio have in common is that they have their eyes on the grand prize and nothing more. While charming Nigerians with their sweet faces, they did not fail to mention their driving force – emerging winner of the ‘Pepper Dem’ Season. Avala says she’s ready to do anything for the “mulla” and admits that she is taken and definitely not looking for a relationship. – Being a police officer who lives in London, Khafi says that she aims to be the first female Housemate to be crowned a winner in the Big Brother Naija Show. Omashola who was not successful during the BB Africa audition, reveals that he’s in it for the money. He also promises that he’s not the guy Nigerians want to miss on. So we guess we’ll have to keep watching to see more of him.

The Tatase Gang

This triangle is made up of – Frodd, Ike, and Ella appear chilled but seem to have a lot up their sleeves. Frodd is a marketer and he reveals that marketing his skills, might be an easy strategy for him in the game. Although admitting to being a bit complicated, he promises to give us something to look out for in the House. Drama, romance and more drama is what Ike has cooking for the other ‘Pepper Dem’ Housemates and we’re totally here for it. Single and ready to mingle, he openly revealed his over-confidence to Nigerians. A strategy that might work for him in the House, maybe? Upon her entry, Ella admits to Nigerians that she loves attention and looks forward to being the King or should we say Queen of the HoH Tasks. Another Tobi, we reckon? See why we call them the ‘Tatase Gang?’ Expect a lot of drama and full-blown entertainment from this bunch.

The Intellectual Gang

Could this work as a strategy for IsilomoKimoprah and Jackye. Kimoprah’s tactic in the House would be to observe the environment and her competitors in the House before proceeding to play the game in her favor. Good strategy, Kim. The Edo babe – Isilomo, has revealed that she is single and ready to accept applications in the House. Let’s watch out for the first relationship that may spring up from this confession. Jac only has three things on his agenda – money, experience, and fame. While disclosing his Chameleon nature, he reveals not having a strategy and would rather go with the flow in the House. Not having a strategy is a strategy, Jac.

The Teaser Gang

Tuoyo is a psychotherapist, part-time stripper and fitness trainer. What better way to describe being a jack of all trades. Although guessing he will be judged by his fellow Housemates for being a stripper, Tuoyo promises to bring in different shades of entertainment to our screens. Mr Universe Nigeria – Nelson,  has acknowledged being very single and very much available. We bet he wouldn’t have a hard time finding his Miss Right in the House. Sir Dee is on the BB Naija show for the money and the experience. No harm in getting both right?

The Cool Gang

Seyi, the grandson of Obafemi Awolowo, sees BB Naija as a long holiday with a pay cheque attached to it. He definitely is worthy to be a proud member of the ‘Cool Gang’ and we see why. Looking forward to the Drama. To him, getting the money is just a cherry on the cake. 22-year old lawyer – Esther, is a part-time hustler from Lagos and has promised to bring fire and thunder to the House. We’ll be watching, Esther. Thelma from Imo is ready to spice up the house, give trouble, and is in the House for the experience and of course, the money.

The ‘Spicy’ Gang

This extremely spicy group of three consists of these Housemates: Gedoni who is very single, is in the game for the money and experience. A designer and fashion enthusiast, he did not fail to wow the audience with his bespoke suit. His strategy is to play cool in the House, while having fun, of course. Although not admitting this as her strategy, Diane repeatedly confessed her love for cooking to the world. Mercy seemed to cheer the crowd with her spectacular choice of outfit. We reckon she has already built her fan base outside the House, and even inside the House. Single not available.

The ‘Atarodo Gang’

As the name implies, TachaJeff and Mike are entering the House with a burst of energy, heat, and entertainment. Not coming into the game with any strategy, they seem to have their eyes on being handed the crown.

Whew! These Housemates have given us every reason to see them worthy of being worthy of qualified as ‘Pepper Dem’ Housemates. It’s time to see them prove it.

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