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#BBnaija Housemates Relationship Series: The nice guy (Rico Swarvey)

Today, I begin the #BBnaija Housemates Relationship Series. The series is slated to explore relationship issues using the Big brother Naija Housemates as case-studies and today we are focusing on Rico Swarvey.

Big Brother 2018 Housemate Rico Swarvey, by popular opinion, could be said to be very good-looking and charming. His fair skin and appealing facial features make him stand out in a crowd of guys. He has some influence in the entertainment industry and one would think with all of this combined he would be one of the most sought-after male housemates in the house.

Unfortunately, the opposite is the case, as Rico becomes a victim of heartbreak from his evicted love interest Ahneeka. It also seems like all the females housemates in the Big brother Naija 2018 house, have put him in the friend-zone. As a result, he is a case-study today in explaining the nice guy syndrome, why girls don’t like nice guys and how not to get into the female friend-zone. What is the nice guy syndrome? #BBnaija Housemates Relationship Series This is a situation where a guy who has all it takes to get the toughest of girls ends up consistently in the friend zone, heartbroken and finds himself consistently begging girls that other guys have rejected. These are the guys that girls break up with them for no meaningful reason. They do the most amazing thing but it just seems like the more they try the worse the situation gets. Well if this is you then you are going to learn a few things from this post. Also Read: Reasons Why You Always Get Heartbroken 6 Major Characteristics Of Nice Guys 1. Too friendly and all over the place: Girls like extroverts, but they like a sense of mystery and so if you are the kind of guy that feels like everyone’s best friend she is fast going to run away from you. You need to have an aura of poise, class, and mystery around you. Be honest when you think of Rico doesn’t this come to mind? *wink* #BBnaija Housemates Relationship Series 2. Weird sense of dressing or packaging: Girls don’t like guys that dress weirdly. You might think you are being different but you are actually shooting your self in the leg. Too many colors is a no-no. An effeminate dressing style is equally a no-no. You have to look and act like a man. We all know Rico has the reputation of wearing the weirdest of clothes. #BBnaija Housemates Relationship Series Also Read: Should I go back to him? – Relationship Talk With Faith  3. Too emotional and seeming desperate for love: We all know that guys have a very strong reputation for being very emotionally intelligent and unavailable. Though this could be annoying to women, it’s still one of the major attractive factors that bring women closer to men. In the case of Teddy A, at the beginning of the season, he made it clear to Bambam that he wasn’t interested in anything, yet this didn’t stop her. Amazingly, the reverse was even the case as it made him more attractive. People want things that they can’t have. We all want to have something we think we earned specially. Rico fell pretty fast for Ahneeka and when she wasn’t forthcoming rather than moving on he made her feel too important by showing how much her not wanting him got to him. 4.Talk too much and a lot about themselves: One major characteristic of the guys’ ladies don’t like is the act of not knowing when to stop talking. Ladies know when you are being a good conversationalist and they know when you are talking due to lack of topics or lack of skill with women. The ladies man talk little, but every time they open their mouth they make sense and they leave the women in awe. They make the girls do the talking but not too much as their time is equally valuable to them. She needs to feel like everytime spent with you is special and the long run she’ll become needy. 5. You are always available: One of the fastest ways to get girls to lose interest in you is to always be at their beck and call. This is not to say you should be unreliable, but never ever make it too much. You had a working life before she came and you can’t stop your life all the time for the flimsiest of things. She needs to know that your time is valuable and everytime you help her its simply because you care and she means something to you. Overdoing this makes her lose attraction for you and you might end up becoming her bestie as you turn her into your boss sort off. This is why unfortunately all the girls in the Big Brother Naija house are always around Rico because they are gradually seeing him as one of them. #BBnaija Housemates Relationship Series Also read: #BBnaija Nina Gave Reasons She cannot date Davido 6. You can’t take a stand and lack authoritative features: No woman respects or loves a man she feels is weak. No woman finds a man that she disrespects and controls attractive. If you study the #Ceebi situation clearly, you would notice that for everytime BBnaija Housemate Tobi puts Cee-C in her place she comes back crawling and for every time he begs her incessantly she seems to be losing interest in him. Most women fantasize about having a man that is slightly authoritative, some even want a control freak, but the vast majority are actually very much attracted to men with some strong level of authority. The honest truth is Rico hasn’t displayed any sign of being authoritative and taking a stand. He doesn’t strike as a guy that can put a woman acting unreasonably in her place. If you can’t then you’ll turn your woman into a monster. #BBnaija Housemates Relationship Series Also Read: #BBnaija Cee-C kisses Tobi as she breaks down in tears I have come to the end of today’s #bbnaija Housemates Relationship Series. If you saw yourself in any of these things then I suggest you work on yourself, else you would keep getting hurt by women. The vast majority of women do not like the nice guy. They don’t want jerks either, but they all want a man who has a balance of both worlds. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with the share buttons above and comment your thoughts. Let’s get this conversation moving.    ]]>

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