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#BBNaija: Avala, Isilomo Evicted and all that happened on Day 7


#BBNaija: Avala, Isilomo Evicted and all that happened on Day 7

Here is all that happened on the 7th day of the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality show:

The Exit-Warm Up

There’s a mix of gloom and relief in the House as Housemates warm-up for the first Eviction of the Pepper Dem Season. Gloom on the side of the six Housemates up for Eviction and relief on the side of the Housemates that are safe. Although the safe Housemates tried their best to console the Housemates up for Eviction with reassuring words and warm Hugs, it really wasn’t enough. Here’s how they spent the day as they waited for the Live Eviction Show.

Away from the gloom, the Housemates are being groomed for the Eviction Show. Darling Nigeria and Mega Growth Nigeria dropped by to give the Housemates a complete makeover. Eviction or not, Biggie wants his Housemates looking nice.

The safe Housemates were in a cheerful mood, especially as they didn’t have to worry about making their way home yet. The music came on and so did their dancing shoes. Ella and Thelma, obviously not over the Saturday Night Party were getting their groove on. Nelson and Diane enjoyed a fun conversation oblivious to the gloom in the House.

They weren’t hard to miss, even as they tried to stay away from the rest of the Housemates. Isilomo and Omashola were spotted looking downcast while Avala kept to herself also looking sober. Gedoni looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulder wearing a mournful look.

Nelson, the massage therapist is back in the business of bringing relief to the aching muscles of his fellow Housemates with his magic fingers. Seyi and Mike had him perform his magic on them. By the Looks of things, he might have a wide clientele waiting for him outside the #BBNaija House

Strike One

Omashola and Ike have been issued a Strike each. Both were found guilty of threatening the safety of other Housemates and were initially put up for Eviction. Big Brother in a show of magnanimity decided to issue them a stern warning and a Strike each for breaking the House rules.

Omashola had earlier gone on a show of rage after his Bet9ja Coins were stolen; using foul language and issuing threats at other Housemates he felt were responsible for robbing him. Joining him in his fit of rage was Ike who was going to be a recipient of some Coins from Omoshola to add to his. Ike’s hurling of a bottle that could have hurt a fellow Housemate earned him a Strike too.

The announcement of their punishments which took place shortly before the Live Eviction Show had all the Housemates tense as they expected the worst while hoping for the best. As Biggie reeled out the gravity of both Omashola and Ike’s outburst, you could see the fear in their eyes. So it was a huge relief when they both found out that they were only getting a Strike each.

Further speaking on the punishment meted out, Big Brother warned all the Housemates that there will be no tolerance for any violent outburst in the House. Housemates were urged to visit the Diary Room should they have the need to let go of some steam. Biggie also warned that three Strikes meant disqualification from the House for any erring Housemates. This means Both Omashola and Ike have to tread carefully not to risk getting another Strike during their stay in the House.

The obviously relieved Housemates were in an ecstatic state as Biggie gave them a second chance. The rest of the Housemates also couldn’t help but share in the joy that they both weren’t going to get Evicted.

Live Show: Avala & Isilomo Evicted

After an intense Marble Game Challenge on the Live Eviction Show, Avala and Isilomo have both been Evicted from the Big Brother Pepper Dem House. This Eviction makes them the first two Housemates to leave the House after the first week. The Challenge which was announced by Ebuka during the Show was to determine the two Housemates that will get to make their way back into the House and the ones that would end up leaving.

As the show progressed, Avala, Khafi, Isilomo, and Gedoni were summoned by Biggie to the Arena Area. The nervous looks on their faces were enough to tell us what was going on in their hearts. To survive the Eviction, Biggie gave them the Challenge of rolling marbles into a cup. We could see how tense they were as the buzzer went off and the Game began. Gedoni was in the lead as he was able to roll five marbles successfully into the cup.

The game was soon over and the marbles rolled in the cup counted. Isilomo had two marbles in her cup, Khafi had four, Avala three and Gedoni five.

This meant the end of the road for Avala and Isilomo as they were Evicted for getting the lowest amount of marbles in the game. For Gedoni and Khafi, it was a second chance to get their head in the game and the looks on their faces showed that they were grateful for the Eviction cup that just passed over them this time.

Teary Avala told us she was scared going out there, but she is definitely going to make her people proud. On her plans for the future, Avala reiterated her commitment to helping battered women. Isilomo felt she shouldn’t have left the House. She also told us she is happy with every decision she made in the House. For her, it was emotionally draining being in the House. She mentioned that Jeff was fake and she wasn’t buying what he was selling. Kimoprah was fake and she hopes Omashola wins or Tacha.

Earlier on, Omashola and Ike survived Eviction for their violent outburst when they were both issued a Strike each instead. Should they get two more Strikes, they will be disqualified from the Show

Frodd wins Veto Power

It was indeed a game of chance as Frodd was handed the Veto Power Game of Chance badge. He is the second Housemate in the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem House to wield the Veto Power, after Kimoprah’s reign. The winner of this week’s Veto game will have the power to Save and Replace a Nominated Housemate from tomorrow’s Nomination. In addition, the winner will also be rewarded with 100 Bet9ja coins. As Biggie said, we are sure they now understand the power of their Bet 9ja Coins.

Nineteen stools were placed in the Arena Games Area with cups and a possible gift hidden under each cup. Each Housemate took up a position in front of each of the stools – which gave an equal probability of winning for each Housemate.

Ike, Mercy, Ella, Kimoprah, and Seyi uncovered chocolate treats under their cups. But what’s a bar of chocolate compared to a 100 Bet9ja Coins in the bag?

From singing the National Anthem to an imitation of a fellow Housemate, the Pepper Dem gang put in their best to become the Veto Power Holder. Do you think they nailed it? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

What Next?

It was a relief for Gedoni and Khafi as they survived the Eviction axe that fell on Isilomo and Avala.

Four Housemates- Gedoni, Khafi, Avala, and Isilomo played a game of Marbles and Cups to get a chance to return into Biggie’s House. The outcome of the game saw Avala and Isilomo get Evicted from the House for not having enough marbles in their cup. However, Gedoni and Khafi survived the game and were given another opportunity to still be Pepper Dem Housemates.

Ike and Omashola thanked Biggie for keeping them in the game after they broke his House rules. It was a comforting moment for both of them as they escaped Eviction with only a Strike from Biggie.

In the Diary Room session with all the Nominated Housemates, they all realize one thing- that Big Brother is a game. Will this serve as a wakeup call for them?

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