Health is wealth but this can’t be achieved when certain things are not in place.
Various research have shown the reasons while people look younger than their age.
If a man of 90 years and a woman of 85 years old can trade (mentally fit) , stand long (Physically fit)  and wash their clothes (Exercise ), I wonder why a man or woman in his or her  late 60s can’t do all these. To be physical and mental fit in respective of the age one needs to be Conscious of the following :
* Nutrition
* Exercise
* Life style
Nutrition: Is the act of consuming food for growth and Maintenance of the body. In order to maintain the body one need to very conscious of what one consume, take adequate nutrition (six classes of food) that enhance the immune system .
Exercise:Is the act of strength and making the body fit. Fitness itself is the act of being physically ready to undergo any task after the normal day routine. The body need to be exercise daily and this can be done in the room. Exercise like Flexibility, muscular endurance and strength and even dance are good for the body.
Lifestyle: Style of living has a great influence on our health. An individual that eat from one cafeteria to another, junk foods,taking quantity rather than quality food,Smoking, excessive drinking, daily sex,workaholic etc have great influence in affecting our health.
* Be a vegetarian
* Take more of fruits
* Minimum of 10mins exercise daily
* Consume fresh food
* Avoid sedentary lifestyle
* Rest well
* Minimum of 4 litre of water daily
* Be conscious of your environment.



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