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How To Balance Academics With Extra-Curricular Activities


There is no truer statement than “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” for studentship. It is important that as a student you do not make academics your sole focus as doing that will result in you leaving school with a result rather than an experience.

Getting knowledge is the primary reason for education but a lot of the real and valuable knowledge is actually learnt outside the classroom. Which means it is important to engage in lots of extra curricular activities. However, this can become cumbersome if not well managed. As a result, this article is dedicated to giving you tips on how to balance academics with social life.

  1. Set goals and prioritize: For you to be able to balance both worlds you need to create a priority list for both activities. Itemize the things you need to achieve on both sides and place it on a scale of preference. Doing this helps you to not fail in school and allows you not to lag in other aspects.
  2. Be Prompt To Act: When balancing a lot of things there will be a tendency for you to procrastinate and this is very detrimental to the success of all of it. You need to act quickly as this saves time and the more time you have the more likely you are to achieve set goals
  3. Follow through with things and never push things to later: This is very important when juggling a lot together. You need have a follow through spirit. The more your postpone things the more the pile of work accumulates which makes achieving very impossible.

Follow these three steps and you’ll discover that balancing academics with social life will be as easy as blinking. What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts with the community below.



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