2018 is a massive year for Hip-hop. Yes, some AU students might not have liked some of the emerging musical trends, but it can’t be denied that 2018 is a great year for Rap. Many high profile artists dropped some of the best rap songs so far, including Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Migos, Jay-Z, Future, Gucci Mane and many more. In early 2018, Rap fans have seen the release of new projects such as “Memories Don’t Die”(from Torey Lanez),“Punken” (from Maxo Kream), “culture 2” (from Migos),”Kyoto”(from Tyga),”victory lap”(from Nipsey Hussle), “Man of the woods” (from Justin Timberlake), “Black Panther” (from various artists) and many more.

However, other talented artists, which AU students love, will be dropping their new projects this long break to AU fans hungry for music to fill them up during this period.

First and foremost, Drake (Almost every AU student is a fan of him) will be dropping his latest album “scorpion” sometime in June. This, of course, marks Drizzy’s first full album release since his release of “more life” in March, 2017. That doesn’t mean he has been idle since then. He has released an EP called “scary hours” with the hit song “God’s plan” (a song which happens to be on nearly every AU student’s music playlist) and singles “Nice for what?” He also appeared as a featured artist on tracks like “Look alive” and “Yes, indeed”. Scorpion, whose title many believe is a reference to Drake’s astrological sign, will definitely be filled with Hit songs and music clearly perfect for this long break.

Kanye West is also releasing a new project this summer. He took to Twitter to make the announcement of his upcoming album to be released on June 8. This album appears to be a collaboration with Kid Cudi. As most fans know, Kanye west albums direct the waves of hip-hop music. We can expect this new album to reinvent the current sound of Rap music.

Finally, there are a few other rappers definitely releasing new music after this break. Nicki Minaj is expected to drop “Queen”, YG with “Stay Dangerous” and, of course, Travis Scott with “Astroworld”. All of these expected albums along with recent releases such as “Daytona” by Pusha T, is sure to keep AU students entertained with an endless supply of Rap this break.



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