Name: Ashipu Abbe Emmanuel

School: Caritas University, Enugu


N5m to drop out of school. NO

Now with  an economy like this it’s definitely a bad idea, that money won’t really give you any better ideas for the fact that that you are not really educated Well I think education is a key aspect in understanding how the world works—understanding things that can broaden your horizons and discourage the narrow-mindedness of an entrepreneur. You’re able to understand so many opportunities outside by learning about different topics like consumer and organizational behaviour, that you can see (1) ways to improve and, (2.) new opportunities in a business. I agree that education happens outside the school, but college, in addition to the education it gives you, also opens up a huge network of business contacts. The network that you build within a school is much more difficult to build when you’re not in school. Now having been educates you can be creative and that can get you more than that money. Believe me, most influential uneducated men and women out there will not advise you to drop out of school for that money cause it’s too small to sacrifice for your education. N5m is too small to sacrifice for a better Education.

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