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Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Business, See How


Unless you are living in a very local village without electricity and internet, AI must be affecting whatever you do directly or indirectly.

A recent global consumer survey revealed that only 33 percent of consumers think they use an AI-enabled device or service, while 77 percent actually use AI technology.

AI works from the little things like the autocomplete you get while texting and the chat you have on websites to ask for things.

What is artificial intelligence?

AI may seem like new technology, artificial intelligence dates back to the 1950s. It has taken on different forms and uses you might hear AI referred to as machine learning, deep learning, or cognitive computing depending on the frame of reference.

Now that you know a brief history and a few AI aliases, let’s take the next 15 seconds to define it.

We’re going to put aside the chatter about self-driving vehicles and robots replacing humans to focus on a simpler definition brought to us by Merriam-Webster, which defines AI as “the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior.”

It’s a way to program machines or computers to carry out tasks or respond to queries with human intelligence. By taking thousands of data points and setting rules (an algorithm) for the problem-solving process modeled on human neural networks, AI can provide human-like responses.

How AI Can Help Your Business

Faster And Smarter Email Marketing

Studies show that email marketing has one of the highest return-on-investment (ROI) at $38 for every $1 spent. If you are not using email marketing to market your business, this might be the best time for you to do so, and if you are already using it, then its time to use AI to make it better.

One of the best platforms to use is MailChimp, this website can be used to automate a lot of things free of charge. You can sync your physical and online customer list with MailChimp to create segmented email lists by dividing it up into smaller groups, for instance by location or purchase frequency.

Segmenting email lists will help you create customized email campaigns that better serve your customers. For example, if you’re hosting a special event at your store, it doesn’t make sense to send an email to customers out of state. You can (and should) also take it a step further with automation. Email automation allows you to create emails that automatically send when triggered by a subscriber’s activity, inactivity, or a specific date like an anniversary. The triggers are essentially AI at work in the background. If a subscriber takes a certain action, a programmed (or machine-learned) response is triggered, and so on down the line until the customer (hopefully) converts to a sale.

Better Sales

There are so many softwares that use AI to make your sales even better and higher. For example, you can incorporate a chatbot on your website, which can communicate with the users even to the stage that they will check out and pay for the product. There are also so many other software you can use and your sales will move so fast with minimal effort.

Reduces Unnecessary, Repetitive And Mundane Tasks

You can get to do a lot of actions at the same time with the help of AI, scheduling meetings, and trying to make sure it does not clash or calculating inventory and other things, all these things can be sorted by the softwares using AI.

Track Your Customer’s Behavior and Understand Them Better

You can also track your user’s journey as they navigate through your website and analyze their behavior using AI tools.

These valuable insights can help you create a more personalized experience for the customer. And since 80 percent of marketers say customized content is more effective than content that isn’t personalized, using this type of data and business intelligence can help boost your bottom line.


The AI industry is getting larger by the day, and this means it is evolving into creating more opportunities for businesses whether small or large, it depends on how you can key into it and make it work.



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