A depot of the National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) depot in Pogo Minna, Niger state, yesterday caught flames due to a broken pipe.

The broken pipe attracted people and black marketers who started scooping the leaking fuel which was noticed Saturday night. All attempts were however made to keep these people away from the leak but they kept going back.

According to reports, the pipe caught fire at around 11 am on Sunday, although no life was lost.

According to Mallam Abdul Baba Mohammed, a resident of the area, the leakage started Saturday night and ran through the gutters which later attracted the black marketers, who started scooping.

He further stated that despite the presence of security men including police and civil defence among others, the boys refused to stop and the fire eventually started but the prompt arrival of the state fire service to the scene saved the situation from totally going out of hand.

Speaking about the incident, Director General, Niger State Emergency Agency (NSEMA), Ahmed Ibrahim Inga, said “we thank God everything has returned to normal” he added that there are no causalities, for now, we are just trying to see that the fire goes down totally and then our men will go round to access what the situation is.



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