Phoenix dactylifera also known as Date or Date palm is a sweet edible fruit belonging to the palm family Arecaceae. Date is a fruit packed fully with a lot of nutrients; it is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber which make it so effective in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar. Date can also help in relieving constipation, intestinal disorders, and heart problems, diarrhea and many more. Date contains calcium and selenium which makes helps strengthen the bones, tooth and enamel. It’s also rich magnesium, sulfur, iron, potassium, manganese, phosphorous and copper.

Dates according to medical findings can reduce the risk of abdominal cancer, diarrhea and heart diseases. It reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) thereby improving heart health and reducing risk of stroke, heart attack and cardiac arrest. Dates is also high in protein which may make it a healthy source of weight gain, the high amount of iron in dates makes it a healthy dietary supplement suffering from anemia.

Date is an energy booster rich in glucose, fructose and sucrose. Improving eye sight and boosting the nervous system is another benefit of eating dates. Dates can also improve sexual stamina; people with low sexual endurance can make a drink with dates, goat milk, cardamom powder and honey to increase their sexual stamina. Eat more dates to improve your health and keep you active all day



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