Two artists, I love and admire came together to create a new hit, “In The Night.” The song is an RnB pop song and traces along the foreign singing style which Nonso and Tomi have become famous for.

While I’m still trying to understand the tune of the song itself, the subject for today is the review of the video. I unfortunately almost fell asleep while watching this and so did my colleagues. I think it is a combination of both the video style and the song tune.

The song is a good one but I worry it might get tiring in the long run, as the Nigerian audience is more comfortable with livelier tunes. I understand the need to make the aura of the video match that of the song, but the entire thing was unfortunately not engaging to watch.

I could barely see anything, certain things shown in the video will definitely not sit well with the Nigerian censor’s board and there was really no story.

I think more could have done in terms of shooting, directing, grading, set design and story. It is not something I will watch over again and I think that doesn’t do well for the song and the credibility of both artists.

With the beauty of the lyrics and the deep nature of both artists, a story could have come out of this with more engaging scenes and better lighting.

In view of this, I give this video a 30% rating. Does your view differ? Share with me in the comments section below.

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