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Alex finally agrees to date Tobi, reveals this in Recent Interview


Alex finally agrees to date Tobi as she gushes at how amazing he is. She stated that “Tobi is the best man anyone can date. I know I’ve been saying otherwise but now I think I’m ready to give it a thought” Tobi laughs as she says it and they both share a moment.

They expressed how perfect they are for each other and how much work it took to understand one another but according to Alex, they are now on the right page.

Tobi, however, seems to believe that as much as they care for each other and much as they are perfect for one another it is important that they both work on finding and defining a hustle as “there is no relationship with no money.” He says once they have reached a workable level in their respective careers then they can now explore dating options. They both revealed that lots of things are coming from the #tolex brand and Nigerians should stay tuned.

When asked about his kind of woman, Tobi stated that he wants someone who is real, opinionated, teachable and patient. On what he means by being real, he stated that fake people are those that are not natural. People that give reactions that don’t feel natural. He hates when people act unnecessarily extra and that can come off as bad vibes.

This comes as good news to the Tolex fans as over the past few days Alex has repeatedly denied having feelings for Tobi and dating him. Some people believed her but others like us believe that she said most of those things out of fear of people judging her.

This is simply because at the earlier stages of the game, BBnaija housemate Tobi was pursuing a romantic relationship with Cee-C and it unfortunately didn’t work out. Tobi afterwards became close to Alex who was his paired partner at the time. Closeness and togetherness made him fall for her and totally leave Cee-c and a large number of viewers have been attacking Alex for reportedly stealing Cee-c’s man.

Alex finally agrees to date Tobi, what do you think about this new revelation. Yay or Nay?



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