Name: Akintomide Oriola

School: University of Nigeria


An Article on the Topic: Can you drop out of school for 5 million Naira

Quite like a typical Nigeria society where most young people are money conscious, Money can be said to be the basis for which most students attend school or get education. But even when there are very many examples of men and women in the past and present society that does not have formal education but have written their names in the sands of time with their very numerous impact. Also coincidentally, some of the richest men on the planet and greatest inventors of all time did not acquire formal education until later or were school dropout, the likes of Bill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Albert Einstein the greatest physicist, Louis Sullivan, one of the greatest architects and so many more. And even in the Nigeria society we have a number of Nigerians who never went to a University but today are making impact; likes of Orji Uzor Kalu,  Mrs Folorunsho Alakija etc. just to mention a few.

What then is education? According to Wikipedia Education (which is what oftentimes is gotten in school) is the process of facilitating learning, or acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Education methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training and direct research. From the above definition it can be simply pointed out that education is the act and art of learning by very various means, and the definition explained, education can be formal or informal but the focus of this article is on formal education which is gotten from the school.

Formal Education or school Education afford a student many opportunities to excel and exploit many opportunities in the outside world, school exposes you to knowledge that can help you achieve greatness in life, placed side by side with money, Education has not been what it is used to be. And most Nigerian youth or students will easily opt for money (5 million naira in this case) rather than going to school. But I need to point it out, even though a student think in his mind that he has this business idea that can change his/her life for better with that amount of money, we need no soothsayer to tell us that the environment itself is not conducive enough to enable that except for extremely smart and business oriented ones. A number of student might argue that, with 5 million naira they would start up a business and build an empire and so on, it’s very normal to dream those kind of dream but then when we are faced with the reality, most Nigeria student with find it hard to cope with the excitement and they revel in the euphoria of being a millionaire at a very young age, which apparently will make them squander all the money. In contrast with the story being circulated on the internet, where Aliko Dangote, in one of his interview said he started his business with the three thousand dollars ($3000) he borrowed from his uncle when he was twenty one year old to start up his own business, only few Nigeria youth at that age can take such bold step and risk as it stands now. Yes, it is a wonderful story, but in this present society, a typical Nigeria student or youth will want to get himself or herself the latest wears, gadgets like phones and laptops just to mention a few instead of investing the money in profitable venture.

Like it is being said, money has wings and it can flies to anywhere it pleases, either we want to believe this or not, Education acquired in school is one of the very lasting thing a student can have and once it is gotten, no one can ever take it away from you. The knowledge you acquire during those period while in school can and will help you, if smart enough to achieve more.

Conclusively, a very close friend of mine whose father is a business tycoon, missed out on several political appointments just because he was not educated. Even Bill Gates after making all the money advised the youth not to joke with education, he said youths should try and be educated as it will open doors of opportunity for them even in one of his quotes, he said, “My children, of course, will have a computer, but first thing they will get books. World Bank on their twitter page, posted on the 25th of July that “for many people, Education is one of the surest ways to escape poverty”. I will like us to take a closer and critical look at the word “surest”. Having said all these, I think Nigeria Students should see reason and reasons why it is important that they take school education very important, except you have a high percentage of succeeding and the discipline of not spending lavishly, I think a Nigeria student should not drop out of school for money.

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