Habits, when developed, is so hard to stop, this can be either good or bad, depending on what type of habit it is. The unfortunate thing Is that bad habits are easy to stick and cultivate than good habits.

If you are planning to go far in life you need to cultivate good habits that will accelerate you race to whatever vision and goal you have.

The following tips will help you to adopt winning habits that will help you in different ways.


Get clarity and the kind of habit you want to adopt, saying that you want to do it does not really count, you have to define it and focus on how to get it done. Writing the habit down with the definite things you need to be doing periodically will help you with this.

Write Out Your Reasons

The reasons why you want to adopt a habit is part of the fuel that will help you to see it through. You need to highlight how important adopting the habit is to you, how it will affect your work life, your personal life, relationship, peace of mind and any other thing.

Create Or Have A Role Model

Look for someone that is doing well with the habit you are planning to adopt and make them your role model, study how they do it and customize it to your personal effort to adopt these habits.

Share Your Aspirations

Make sure people close and dear to you know about your effort to adopt the habit. This makes you responsible and accountable. You can also give them the privilege to check you when you go wrong with the whole exercise.

Start Immediately

There is never a good time to start a habit, therefore start now, do not wait for a time that you will be able to work it start and start immediately.

Set A trial Period

You can set a 30-day trial to see how you are coping and working on the habit, and apart from the trial, you can set short-term goals to help you track your progress so far.

Reflect And celebrate Every Success

Make sure you reward and celebrate yourself anytime to achieve a level in your habit’s goal, this is important to keep the morale up.


Keep going and never stop, you are your own limitation, so stop being your own limitation and break the barrier



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