A major craving among ladies is a soft and smooth skin. One that calls eyes to it and feels good to touch. Well, this article is set to expose you to this homemade scrub that does just this to your skin. From the first use, you can already see visibly soft and smooth skin.

What will you need?

White Sugar

Raw Natural Honey

Lime Juice


Mixing materials (bowl and spoon)

How to make it?

Depending on your body size and needs, you will need to put twice the number of tablespoons of sugar you place into the bowl.

Ensure that the mixture is very thick and not watery. Add some drops of lime juice for a lightening effect.

How to use it?

Pour water on your skin.

Rub the mixture generously all over your entire body.

Wait for ten minutes.

Wash off.

Dab your skin gently with a towel.

And moisturize immediately.

Repeat this Honey and Sugar Scrub process once or twice a week for amazingly soft and smooth skin.



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